Workforce Planning: A Leading Recruitment and Retention Practice

Workforce Planning:  A Leading Recruitment and Retention Practice

As a consultant who provides specialized human resource and program evaluation services

to public sector governments both in Canada and across the Commonwealth, I believe that people are the foundation of everything that organizations do. In this increasingly globalized economy and mobile workforce, it is my observation that public sector governments must place a strong emphasis on:

 attracting new talent not only as part of succession planning strategies but also to reflect the diverse population the organization serves; 

building capacity to be able to deliver core business, strategic priorities and respond to citizen expectations; and

building successful employee engagement strategies not only to achieve results but also to retain good talent and inspire others to join the workforce.

Workload pressures, financial constraints and other factors too often force managers to rush to fill a vacancy without looking at the constantly changing needs of an organization.  There is a fear of hesitating, of losing a position and not being able to meet priorities and needs.

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